IMCOM G9 Child, Youth & School Services 2013 Holiday Event

Thanks for coming to the IMCOM G9 Child, Youth & School Services Org Day & Holiday event. We appreciate all you do for the Army’s children and families.

Wishing all the best for you and your families during this holiday season!

John Baggott
4-H/Army Youth Development Specialist
IMCOM G9, Family and MWR Programs
Child, Youth & School Services



About Angie the Elf

Angie is Windcrest Santa Jim & Karen's original elf - their firstborn daughter. Though she lives in North Dallas, a five hour sleigh ride from her jolly parents in Windcrest, San Antonio, Texas, she joins them as often as possible to be a part of their year-round Christmas spirit.

Angie is Windcrest Santa Jim's official photographer. She shoots as Keyframe Photography, and her work can be found at

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